Welcome to Paws-Ability!

Dog Training in Cambridge and Little Downham

Due to the current Coronavirus restricions we are currently changing all our services to on-line training programmes.   See our video above to see if we can help with any of your dogs lockdown problems, including seperation anxiety, fear of new things and lack of socialisation.  

We are now offering individual or 1-2-1 On-Line dog training internationally.  Our training sessions will take place using Zoom Video, Whats App or Messenger.  

The first course we are offering is ‘Good Dog’ Level 1 we start to teach your dog how to be the goodest boy or girl your family could wish for !

Lacking Recall, Reactive Dog, Pulling on the Lead? Check out our 25 day ‘Sexier than a Squirrel Course’!

Paws-ability are a games-based dog training service which aims to create emotionally stable dogs, with a fabulous relationship with their human family, allowing them to make good choices. Our dog training sessions will teach you fun ways of interacting with your dog, building a strong bond that leads to well behaved and happy dogs.  We believe that beneath every behaviour there is a feeling.  And behind each feeling is a need.  And when we meet that need rather than focus on the behaviour, we begin to deal with the cause, not the symptom.

Our head trainer Philippa is now also a trainer for Dogs for Autism.  A charity training dogs to help people with Autism.  Please feel free to browse through our Five Star Google Reviews here!  Paws-ability are also very pleased to have been nominated as one of Three Best Rated Dog Trainers in Cambridge!

We are a Community Interest Company, which means we are a not-for profit organisation who strongly believe in making a difference for dogs, their owners and the wider community.  After costs, any funds left over are used to help people and their dogs who are on a low income and want to attend our sessions.  This also means that with regret we need to impose a cancellation fee on anything cancelled after 48 hours notice of 75%.

Some Top Tips for a Calm Well Behaved Dog

“If your dog is quiet and calm or even asleep, reward with a little treat for him or her to nibble on when they wake up”

“If your dog lacks any recall, you need to make yourself more exciting than a squirrel! – we have games for that!”

“Build your dogs confidence by throwing their kibble in a load of old boxes!”