Welcome to Paws-Ability!


I am Philippa Sjoberg. I am a dog trainer, and Paws-Ability is the Social Venture I founded. This means Paws-Ability is designed to make a difference, not a profit.
Through all my training, studying and experience of dogs in a variety of working and pet environments, I have chosen to assist dog owners with any training and/or behavioural issues at cost price – this is to make it more accessible to everybody.
If you are in a position to be able to afford to pay above this rate, I ask that you donate the rest via the Donate button (coming soon), in order that I can then reach people who are in a less fortunate position, but equally in need of assistance.

The donated money will be used in two ways:

1) To enable pet dog owners who are ill/in pain/disabled in some way, either physically or mentally, to be able to work in partnership with their pet dog to gain some relief.
This is NOT the same as a dog trained under the assistance dog charities-your dog will not be entitled to wear a jacket and travel in public with you under the assistance dog priviledges. However, your pet can help you around the house-it doesn’t matter if it is a grumpy dog who likes to bite everyone else, as it can still work with and for you in a way that is pleasant and fun for both of you. Take a look at the task work listed under ‘services’ and see if any of this would be of benefit to you.

2) Secondly, the donated money will also enable me to assist all dog owners with training/behavioural issues even though the only thing the person has to offer their dog is love and caring. No dog owner should be denied the help that would make life better both for themselves and their dog, just because there is a shortage of funds.
The only thing that prevents a dog from being able to do what we would like it to do, aside from its physiological anatomy, is lack of belief in our dogs and lack of effort from ourselves.

Let’s work together to make this idea a possibility for all those who want to make a difference.