“Hi, my name is Roy Stamp. I have been a dog trainer for the past forty years.
I was involved with a dog school in Cambridge that Philippa use to attend, firstly with her own dogs and sometimes with the dogs she used to puppy walk for assistance dog charities.
In my opinion Philippa is someone who has a great affinity and love for her dogs and the dogs she works with.
She is always ready to pass on her knowledge to anyone who talks to her about dogs.
Despite becoming disabled she always has a cheery smile and a listening ear.
Since being confined to a wheelchair and having her own assistance dog Philippa has grown as a professional in dealing with dog related wheelchair training.”

Roy Stamp, behavioural dog consultant

I have known Philippa for several years, and her dedication and determination in everything she does is truly astonishing. I know that she cares deeply about how she trains her dogs, and others who are in her care. Her training knowledge is very excellent and sound. In essence Philippa is special.
Penny Burgess, dog trainer, behaviourist

“I have known Philippa for several years, since we met as new puppy-parents for an assistance dog charity. I was a complete dog newbie and Philippa was an experienced dog owner. Her love of dogs shines through and she was so generous in sharing her knowledge and experience, giving huge support and encouragement during the time we spent puppy-walking and training the dogs. It was not a straightforward process and she certainly helped me though it! I am proud that our friendship continues long after those dogs finished their training (both going on to help people in their different ways). Philippa has also shown by example how to conquer life’s challenges with humour and determination. It is inspiring to see the way she and Jack now work together and the way in which he is making day-to-day life possible.”

Liz Mann, fellow puppy socialiser at Canine Partners

“As a breeder of chihuahuas I have known Philippa for 28 years. She is an owner of one of my chihuahuas, and I would always be very happy to leave Philippa in charge if I went away as I know she has the dedication and integrity to follow my instructions, and a big heart that would care for and about the needs of each and everyone of my dogs.”

Pat King, chihuahua breeder

“Philippa is a very knowledgeable dog person. She has gained lots of theory and practical experience over the years that I have known her. As an individual she is strong, confident, determined and very approachable.”

Pat Wells, experienced dog trainer

“Philippa is our kind of entrepreneur – she brings high octane energy and commitment to everything she takes on, plus the highest level of skill and understanding in all things dog-related.

Don’t take my word for it though – ask her Assistance dog Scrumpy. Shee loves her to bits!”

Tony Philips, Realife

“I have known Philippa for many years as she has had several dogs go through our training. She is always bright and cheerful and has never let her disability beat her. She has trained all her dogs with kindness and understanding and has done such good work for many doggie associations. Philippa is a pleasure to know her understanding of her dogs needs is a pleasure to watch.”
Wendy Lunn, Hotdogs Training
“I have known Philippa for two years. We met as we are both socialisers for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. I had one of Philippa’s hearing dogs for a while and I have to say the puppy was a credit to her hard work. The puppy, Sally, was about one year old and was so well behaved and such fun to be with. Philippa had obviously worked well with her and she was easy to take over and carry on with her training. I have always found Philippa to be fun, trustworthy, honest and determined to always do the best by the dogs she has in her care. Often I have her pet dog Echo to stay with us if Philippa needs time to spend in training with Scrumpy, her assistance dog, and again Echo is no problem, she just fits in with whoever is in our household and reflects her owner’s love and confidence. I would have no doubts ever placing one of my dogs with Philippa at any time.”
Rita Lane