Paws-ability is run by Philippa Sjoberg who is also our head trainer! A true dog lover, having owned dogs since the age of 13, Philippa has a wealth of experience in concept based dog training as well as dog behaviour, first aid, and service dog training.  Recent experiences include being a puppy parent/socializer/troubleshooter for 3 assistance dog charities-Canine Partners, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Medical Detection Dogs, and training her own assistance dog, Scrumpy.

Philipppa says

“As a dog owner I have taken part in Companion Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Heelwork to Music, and Rally-O. I have also taken the Kennel Club Good Citizenship Awards-Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

I have worked for PetPals, Darlington-where I walked and home-boarded the various dogs that comprised their clientele. This gave me experience with many different breeds, and I observed the subtleties of their behavior, communications and needs.

I have fostered dogs for individuals and Woodgreen Animal Charity. An irish bitch (Dora), who proceeded to have 7 puppies, is a particularly vivid memory, along with a terrified old terrier completely shut down from being unexpectedly in kennels, who became a happy, cheeky little girl in her new home.”

Philipppa specialises in dog training methods that build a strong bond bewtween dog and owner, all her training techniques are a huge amount of fun for both you and your pet.

If you would like to see what are previous clients say about us, please read our five star google reviews here!


Teacher training from Homerton College, Cambridge
Bereavement Counselling and Disposal advice for pet owners
First Aid for Dogs

Canine Courses with the National Open College Network
The origin of the Dog and the importance of early education
The influence of environment and importance of communication
Exercise, Nutrition, Feeding and the Stimulation
Training-lure training, clicker training, do as I do-social training

Dog emotion and Cognition

Center of Excellence
Canine behaviours
Canine communication

British College of Canine Studies
Canine First Aid
Puppy Care
Advanced Canine Behaviour diploma
Complete Canine Care Diploma
Dog Behaviour Diploma

Online Training and Associations
Cambridge Ethology Institute-Roger Abrantes
Kay Laurence-Intelligent Dog Trainers Course (pt 1)
Holly and Hugo-Adopting a rescue animal
Absolute Dogs (naughty but nice)-Tom and Lauren
Learn to talk dog-Sarah Whitehead
Dog & Bone+ Naturally Happy Dogs-Sally Marchant
Ichthus Canine Centre-Christina Oxtoby

Handling / Training reactive dogs – Brenda Aloff
How to Change Predatory Chase Behaviour in Dogs – David Ryan
Teamwork Seminar: Building Cooperation with Your Dog On and Off Leash – Grisha Stewart
Making your dog training classes fun and effective – Kamal Fernandez
Effective use of toys as rewards – Kamal Fernandez
Motivation day – Jo Hill
TV and Filmwork Masterclass – level 1 – Sally Marchant
Do As I Do – Claudia Fuggazza
Behaviour Adjustment Training 2.0 – Grisha Stewart
20 Principles all Dog trainers should know – Roger Abrantes
Canine Scent detection – Roger Abrantes

Canine Partners

Hearing Dogs

Foster Dogs