My vision of the future in my community

Dogs attract people-there is nothing better to attract attention than to wander around with a puppy in your arms! Dogs enable us to begin conversations with others, to be outside around others, to become part of a community.

For those of you that have taken the time to hear my message on this social venture, you will know that my passion, my dream, my vision is for dogs and people to work together as a team. This is the way for everybody to be able to afford  information and advice that benefits both humans and dogs-those who can give-share with generosity their money, their time and their skills. We all have something to offer.

My future projects include:-

  • a social dog owners club
  • a social dog walking group
  • a social companion dog training club
  • asocial noticeboard, a kind of ‘streetlife’ for local dog owners

I would like to see a community in which our dogs can draw us even closer, creating social support, dissipating loneliness and cultural differences, capturing the essence of what it takes to live together in harmony.

I hope you come and join me in our journey towards equality and access for all.