Puppy parenting 101

Raising a puppy successfully can mean the difference between a lifetime of harmonious companionship and 10-15 years of problems! Maybe this is your first time, maybe you have done it before but had problems, or maybe you just want to learn the latest thinking and understanding on dog behaviour, training, body language and learning. I have designed general courses to help you, or we could design a bespoke programme just for you, your family and your dog-the choice is yours.

I will assist you to find the breed that fits your life style and personal choice. I can help you choose your pup and visit with you in your home so I can get to know both of you. I will provide practical hands-on assistance-I consider puppies a priority and my scheduling will reflect this.
After the visit I will provide a parenting plan than will be updated and modified as you both progress.
Future visits will be as and when they are needed as both of you develop your relationship – I will give you extensive support, encouragement, and solutions with the benefit of all my experience, at no extra costs apart from travel at £0.45 per mile if you live some distance away.