Games-Based Training Demo’s and Lectures

Our live demonstrations aim to show the audience how much fun training your dog can be! They will give a valuable insight into this relatively new concept of games-based dog training.  Our demonstrations are suitable for school fetes, care homes, community groups or anywhere there is a gathering of people!  The demonstrations will last approximately 20-30 minutes and are free of charge. 

We also offer free lectures to community groups, schools or anywhere with a captive audience!  Our lectures aim to inform the audience about subjects such as how and why games-based training is the latest kid on the block in the world of dog training, how to behave around dogs, how to keep yourself safe ( for young children).  These are fantastic talks for young people and aim to show them how to read the basics of a dog’s body language and how to react! This will help reduce fear of dogs in young people, reduce the incidents of dog bites and also prevent the dog feeling the need to become aggressive. 


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