Training Seminars

Our Dog Training Seminars cover topics such as Pet First Aid, Reactive Rascals and Canine Body Language.  Creating a well behaved dog, means understading your pet too.  For example if you can see when your dog is scared or anxious, you can put in place preventative measures to make sure he/she feels safe.  Would you know what to do if your dog had an accident?  join us on our Pet First Aid Course to find out how to dress a wound or help a choking dog.  We use slides, videos, interactive groups as well as practical sessions, to make sure our seminars are both fun and informative.

Our next Seminar is all about Canine Body Language and will take place on the 18th May in Cambridge.  Check out our poster for more details !  You can now book on line click here to be taken to our booking site!

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