Public speaking

I believe there should be maximum exposure to understanding canine body language-this is the only way we can ensure safety for all, and especially for our children, so that there are fewer incidents of dog aggression. Dogs do not deserve to be judged by their breed-they are the consequence of our actions and knowledge.

I have experience in many areas of dog ownership, as you have seen on this website, and I feel very passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with as many people as possible. I want to reach everyone in my community regardless of their personal situation.

Paws-Ability is a not-for-profit venture. I have created it in order to be able to meet the needs of everyone regardless of income. As such, I do not charge for attending your club/society/school in order to share my knowledge and experience with you. However, a donation to enable me to continue this work would be gratefully received.

Possible topics:
Assistance dogs and their job
Concept training-the new training methods of dogs
How to keep our children safe around dogs
Canine body language-what we all need to know