Task Work and Assistance Dog Training

Our Task Work Training is really useful for a dog who can learn to help someone in pain, ill or with limited mobility.  Also jolly useful if you have a bored, badly behaved dog as they love to help us!

We are also currently working with Dogs for Autism, creating assistance dogs for Autistic people.

This is a Specialist Assistance Dog Training and so is trained through play rather than games.  Most of the tasks we teach are taught through retrieve and tug play.  We also teach games for concepts and specific retrieve/tug play for task work.

We can help your dog learn how to  help you with:

  • Picking up dropped items
    • Assistance pulling off clothing
    • Fetching items
    • Getting help from another person in the home
    • Get the telephone
    • Opening doors (dependant on size)
    • Shutting doors
    • Getting the post
    • Putting items in bin/toy box/ washing machine/clothes basket
    • Find it!
    • Get it!
    • How to help with grooming/cleaning/husbandry
    • Other tasks can be considered on a case by case basis